About Us
Softmicro IT Services is a company built upon a foundation of passion for providing the best computer service for your business. Based in Chennai has been founded to serve small to medium size business and corporations to assist them to choose the best value IT solutions and provide them with uncompromising on-going support on their  IT infrastructure.

No matter how big or small, we work hard to custom tailor a solution that best fits your budget and needs. We believe that a successful business is only as successful as long as the sum of its parts is in proper working order. For management, thats a good team of employees for us, its an efficient, high performing IT infrastructure that enables those employees to perform well in todays business environment.

We offer to hassle, affordable solutions to keep your business up and running. Our mission is to educate the customer, how can they improve the efficiency of their business by implementing the latest technology. Softmicro is a customer oriented corporation. We pride in going extra mile for   our clients to help them on time. Our goal is customer satisfaction.
We achieve that by providing immediate response to any customer inquiry, providing 2 to 4 hours guaranteed technical support in case of emergencies.

Softmicro  is focused on addressing the growing demand for the cost-effective management of technology infrastructure. We assist them to choose right product for their IT infrastructure. We do handling various IT infrastructures such as Educational Institutions, manufacturing units, Pharma Industries, Corporate customers.
IT Hardware

Softmicro portfolio of products covers the entire spectrum of the information technology needs of its customers. By virtue of the immense diversity of markets and customers that it addresses, Softmicro IT services offerings include everything from high end enterprise level servers for mission critical applications to multimedia home computers.
Networking and Network Integration

Network Management involves Network Monitoring of Bandwidth Utilization, Network Errors / Collisions, Network Troubleshooting, Day-to-day Network Operations, Network performance monitoring, Tuning Network Operating System and advice action plan.

Softmicro IT Services is committed to maintain 100% clients satisfaction by certain values
  • Customer Support (Remote and Telephone)
  • Precious Timekeeping & Highest level of Accuracy     
  • Potential Leadership with an Energetic Team
  • Sufficient Infrastructure for anytime Expansion
  • Continuous Growth & 100% Success

Best Services
  • Server management with RAID (IBM,HP,Dell)
  • Firewalls & ADS,NAT,VPN,FTP
  • Manageable and unmanageable Switches
  • Wireless Solutions
  • cabling for LAN And Voice
  • Data backup Solutions
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